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If you’re taking a trip to Milford on Thursday, July 30th, you may notice red sand filling up the sidewalk cracks at the Pike County Courthouse. This sand, poured into the cracks we step over every day, is used to symbolize the millions of trafficking victims who “fall through the cracks” each year. Between 2017 and 2018 there was a 25% increase in human trafficking cases according to Polaris, an organization dedicated to ending this vicious crime.

VIP is happy to bring this awareness project to Pike County. If you’d like to get involved next year, call our office at 570-296-2827 to speak with Chelsea.

About the Red Sand Project

In case you missed it, catch our team doing their part to create awareness against Human Trafficking earlier today at the Pike County courthouse.

group of VIP employees wearing red in front of pike county courthouse vip employees pouring red sand in cracks for human trafficking awareness