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VIP believes everyone deserves to be safe. We are here to help you.

Do you need to escape due to violence? Do you need a safe place? VIP has an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. If you, or someone you know, is in need of shelter services, please call our hotline at 570-253-4401 or 570-296-HELP.

If you are considering shelter, are you afraid to leave your pets? Are you worried they will be hurt? Has your partner threatened to hurt the animals if you leave? If so, VIP can help. We have a safe place for pets of our shelter guests. If this is of concern, please let us know.

VIP offers more than just shelter for our shelter guests. We believe in a comprehensive, holistic approach. All services are trauma-informed and survivor-centered. All shelter guests are paired with a counselor to help our guests work through the challenges and effects of their individual situations. A shelter advocate will assist guests with the process of finding permanent housing options.

VIP offers an Economic Empowerment program. This can be done in a group manner or individually. The Economic Empowerment program will help participants with budgeting, cleaning up credit, getting out of debt, savings plans and more. There is also a Career Development component in which we help you with resume writing, interview skills, job search skills and more. This program is available to all survivors but is particularly helpful to those starting a new life independent of the abuse.

Upon leaving the shelter, you may be eligible for relocation services. We may be able to assist you with first month’s rent, a security deposit, moving expenses and more.

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