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VIP provides trauma-informed, survivor-centered services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual abuse and other serious crimes. VIP provides a variety of services, with legal assistance being one of the special programs.

If you are in need of a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order, or a Sexual Violence Protection Order (SVPO) or a Protection Order from Intimidation (POI), VIP can help. VIP has Legal advocates that can review options with you and assist you with filing any of these temporary orders. The PFA, SVPO and POI orders can be done in the privacy of our counseling offices. From there, an advocate will accompany you through the remaining stages of the process at the courthouse.

Advocates will not and may not give legal advice. Advocates are not attorneys but VIP does employee attorneys to help you. VIP’s PFA attorney can represent you for your final hearing (Pike County only). VIP has attorneys for Wayne and Pike counties to help with other needs related to domestic violence.

Victims of domestic violence face many barriers to escaping the abuse. One of those barriers is a lack of legal representation. Victims’ Intervention Program has a Civil Legal Representation (CLR) project to eliminate this barrier. Our CLR program can help victims of domestic violence with custody, child support, divorce, and immigration matters. VIP operates with a holistic approach and an advocate will work with you on the issues involved with domestic violence while you tackle the legal matters with a VIP attorney.

For more information, call our 24-hour hotline at 570-253-4401 (Wayne County) or 570-296-HELP (Pike County).

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