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27Jan 2023

Domestic Violence & Pets

January 27, 2023|Blog|

If you have a pet, chances are you understand the deep emotional connection that can accompany the pet-human relationship. They are our family… with a bit more fur. Living with a pet can have extremely [...]

20Jul 2022

Reproductive Coercion

July 20, 2022|Blog, News|

Reproductive Coercion is a form of abuse that we typically see in heterosexual relationships (though it can occur in LGBTQIA+ relationships, it is rare). This type of abuse happens when the male partner attempts to [...]

30Dec 2021

VIP’s 2021 Annual Appeal

December 30, 2021|News|

Donate today! View the official signed letter here. Dear VIP Friends and Supporters, We hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy. It has been a very trying 20 months since COVID [...]

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