October has come and gone once again. And this year’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month was quite the purple parade of proclamations and public appearances. In addition to our usual appearances at Commissioners’ meetings, our purple ribbons, purple Thursday, and the Empty Place at the Table display, our Outreach Manager, Chelsea, put together a stellar training simulation and presented it to a collection of Pike County service providers. The training was well-attended and well-received. It prompted lively discussion regarding survivor experiences and the barriers which keep them at home.

The idea behind the training was to answer the question: “Why don’t they just leave?” Often times, when bystanders learn of a domestic violence situation, they ask that very question. To them, the situation seems as simple as, “This person is hurting me. I must leave.” What this training demonstrates is that survivors DO leave, but are often forced to return to their abuser due to compounding circumstances. The financial and emotional tolls drain their resources until they have no choice but to return home.

In light of the training’s success, we’re planning to offer it again in a Wayne County location in the near future!