We’ve come around to the start of another fiscal year for Victims’ Intervention Program. This July, our year begins anew, but 2023 carries with it a special significance worth celebrating. Click here to read more about our 35th year in business!

July 2023 marks a monumental milestone for Victims’ Intervention Program. On July 1 this year, we turn 35!

The last three and a half decades have been a tale of growth and development. In 1988, VIP formed as a small collection of individuals driven to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. As early as 1982 local outreach began concerning domestic violence and sexual assault. Over the next six years, the movement would gain traction through town meetings, and the hiring of counselors. Until, finally, VIP was born.

VIP’s initial staff consisted of one full-time counselor, a part-time volunteer coordinator, and a fiscal manager who was hired in 1990. The need for new staff was evident as early as ’92 and ’93 when further positions were created and VIP’s community outreach blossomed in full with Take Back the Night, the Clothesline Project, Empty Place at the Table, and more.

Since then, we have risen to a team nearly two dozen strong working round-the-clock to aid not only survivors of those crimes, but of violence and oppression in nearly all its forms. Our work has shifted to include not just helping survivors cope with their trauma after an incident occurs, but also proactively engaging the community, schools, government leaders, and more to help prevent these crimes in the first place.

In the last 35 years, VIP has added:

                        -A 24-hour crisis hotline

                        -A dedicated court/medical advocate (1997, later split into distinct positions)

                        -In-school counseling (2005)

                        -Comprehensive services for non DV/SA crimes (2006)

                        -Shelter services for clients and their pets (2014)

                        -A second office in Pike County (2018)

                        -A Rapid Rehousing Program (2021)

                        -And much, much more

Of these accomplishments, the rapid-rehousing program is our newest edition. It has been fully operational for around 18 months, and is performing spectacularly. Similar to other rapid rehousing programs, we use grant funding through the Emergency Solutions Grant and Rapid Rehousing Grant to help our clients acquire and maintain housing. We’re able to assist them with rent payments, utility payments, and some furnishing. Little by little, as things become more stable and they’re able to make more money from working, they take on more and more of the payments until they’re paying for a place all on their own. As of mid-June, our two-member housing team has helped put a roof over the heads of 47 families, a total of 110 individuals, in Wayne and Pike County. Of these 47 families, 22 were able to achieve a means of sustainability, either through other assistive programs or by their own self-sufficiency, and 25 are still in the program receiving assistance.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming events and way to celebrate our three and a half decades of dedicated service to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and myriad other crimes.