Denim Day is a globally recognized awareness campaign that began in Italy 1992 after a 45-year-old driving instructor raped his 18-year-old student during a lesson. The young woman reported the assault, and the man was subsequently arrested and convicted of rape. However, just a few years later, the Italian Supreme Court overturned this conviction and he was set free. Why? Because according to a statement released by the Court, the survivor’s jeans were so tight that she must have assisted in removing them, therefore giving consent. Rightfully outraged by the decision, the women of the Italian Parliament launched a protest on the Supreme Court steps the next day, all clad in denim jeans.

Since then, wearing denim on the last Wednesday of April has become a form of protest for people across the globe.

VIP invites YOU to stand up against victim blaming by wearing your favorite jeans, jacket, skirt, or any other denim clothing in your closet! Violence thrives in silence, let’s start the conversation and spark change!

 Ways to get involved:

  1. Share our posts on social media! If you don’t already follow us, you should! (add facebook & insta links/handles). Spreading awareness is one of the biggest forms of advocacy!
  2. Individuals can post a Denim Day selfie and tag VIP or send your selfie to with the subject line Denim Day to be featured on our social media, website and newsletters!
  3. Businesses can launch a Denim Day fundraiser by asking staff to donate $2-$5 (or more) to wear jeans for the day! Snap a picture and donate the funds to VIP to be featured!


Denim Day is Wendesday, April 24th