Online Chat Privacy Policy

Last updated December 14, 2020

What is VIP Chat?
A free service for members of Wayne and Pike county, PA that provides live, one-on-one crisis intervention, emotional support, or information referrals with a trained VIP staff member over the Internet using a service that works just like instant messaging. You’ll go into a private session with someone at VIP who is trained and you will communicate live, by typing messages back and forth. Please remember to close the conversation when it ends, make sure you are in a private area if needed, and to delete your browsing history.

Who should use VIP Chat?

  1. Individuals in crisis
  2. Family members or friends of someone in crisis
  3. Individuals, family members, or friends of someone needing a referral or resource

If you need immediate emergency assistance, you should call 911 or VIP Crisis Hotline at 570-253-4401 or 570-296 HELP. VIP Chat services may be limited or blocked for users who engage in inappropriate language, vulgarity, harassment, or other inappropriate uses of services.

Privacy and Security
We take your privacy and security very seriously. Security controls, including encryption and authentication, are in place to ensure the protection of your information. We do not collect personally identifiable information unless you voluntarily provide it to us when you sign-in to VIP Chat. If you provide your telephone number or other information for contact or other use by the Chat Advocate, this information will be stored by VIP unless otherwise specified. The information supplied is used to respond to the visitor’s inquiries or to provide services requested by the visitor.

Recipient Rights
Access to recipient rights here can be found by calling 570-253-4401 or sending any questions or concerns about our notice, or our practices with regards to your personal information to

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