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Dear VIP Friends and Supporters,

We hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy. It has been a very trying 20 months since COVID changed all of our lives. What has not changed is the unwavering efforts and supports that the team at Victims’ Intervention Program provides to families and individuals who are victims and survivors of neglect and/or abuse. VIP has provided counseling, 24/7 crisis services, hospital visits, court appearances, police interactions, community outreach and education, and emergency shelter services all the way through this pandemic. We are all so grateful to them for their extreme dedication and service.

VIP now cares for the victims and survivors in both Wayne and Pike County, doubling their geographic footprint. Their impact is immeasurable to our Counties and our shared Communities. The new website ( is exceptional and the interactions via email, Facebook and Instagram are in full swing.

The pandemic has put a temporary damper on VIP’s ability to fundraise with the ever-popular Jeans and Jewels Gala. However, the need to fund the life saving and life changing services is greater than ever. That is our ask is with this letter. We humbly ask, if you are able, to donate to the general fund of Victims’ Intervention Program. Your tax-deductible donation is critical to cover the costs of the amazing services that VIP provides. For over 32 years, VIP has been receiving donations and support from our Communities. The continuation of the generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for joining us and caring so deeply about VIP and our Communities,

Joseph W. Adams
Wayne County Commissioner

Ronald R. Schmalzle
Pike County Commissioner