We are so excited to FINALLY announce the winners of the Women Who WOWed the World contest. We had a lot of really amazing submissions from young women in two counties that truly showcased women that inspired them. Drum Roll, please……

ART WINNER: Angelina from Wallenpaupack Area High School — Sappho of Lesbos

ESSAY WINNER: Hailey from Honesdale High School — Excerpts below from the essay that stole the judges hearts.

Without asking, she brought me under her wing and began to show me how to love myself and become the strongest and best version of who I am.”

“There was a day or time where Olivia gave anything other than her all”

“…she was sure not to let me forget my own worth and the things I am capable of.”

“So, when you ask me who my favorite woman is, my immediate answer is Olivia…”

RUNNER UP: Jocelyn Gilbert, a 9-year old student, that despite the contest not being open to her age group, submitted anyway. Her drawing and essay about Jane Goodall, combined with her courage to submit her work made her the clear choice for runner up. We applaud this young woman’s desire to celebrate other women at such a young age!


Runner up - Jocelyn Gilbert

Runner up, Jocelyn Gilbert.

Art Winner, Angela

wow winner 2022

Essay Winner, Hailey

Winning Drawing, Sappho of Lesbos

Jane Goodall Submission

Essay and Contest Runner Up, Jane Goodall