Cruzita Carillo of Ardance in Matamoras, PA was named VIP’s 2022 Badass Woman!

Learn more about what made Cruzita our winner. Want to see her receive her award? Check out our Facebook page to watch the video.


What is your definition of a Badass?

A badass woman leads by example, supports other women who want to be badass also, and inspires other women to better themselves however they need.


How does your nominee fit this definition?

Cruzita started a business in Matamoros helping other women find a healthier and fun way to get healthy with having a dance fitness studio. She started her business as an overweight person and in the middle of a life change and can prove her methods and devotion are truly effective and fun.


How have they made a difference?

She encourages her clients that even the smallest change can be effective. Dancing makes people feel good on so many levels… Music, moving, dancing and fun!

Cruzita and Team