The name Victims’ Intervention Program can be misleading. The name implies that we only provide services to victims. In actuality, we provide services to anyone who is affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other serious crimes (excluding the perpetrators and offenders).

For instance, you may have a co-worker who is experiencing domestic violence. Maybe it is difficult for you to watch her suffer and you want to know how to help her. Perhaps you want some support for yourself, as it may be difficult if you feel unable to help her. You would beeligible for our services.

Perhaps you are friends with a mom who lost her son to a drunk driver. You are grieving the loss of your friend’s son and you are feeling pain for the suffering you are watching your friend go through. You are eligible for our services.

Another example would be a mom or dad of a new college student who was a victim of rape on campus. Mom and dad may be miles away from their son or daughter and could be experiencing many emotions and feelings regarding the rape of their child. Mom and dad would be eligible for our services.

Maybe you recently learned that human trafficking is happening in your community. Maybe you just want to talk about it because the idea of such a crime is just more than you want to believe. Maybe you want to know how to help. You would be eligible for our services.

All services offered by Victims’ Intervention Program are provided at no cost and are completely confidential (except for a mandated child reporting). Services include, but are not limited to, the following: 24-hour crisis hotline, individual and group counseling, mental health counseling, education and prevention programs, trainings for professionals, emergency shelter, relocation assistance, legal advocacy and accompaniment, medical advocacy and accompaniment, economic justice, civil legal representation, in-school counseling and more. Services are provided to women, men, and children ages five and older.

For more information, please call Victims’ Intervention Program at 570-253-4401 or visit our website at